All You Need to Know About Kitesurf in Playa Del Carmen

kitesurfing in playa del carmen

Kitesurfing is a brand-new sport that has grown a lot since last 20 years. To learn to kitesurf an athlete should stand on a board which is almost similar to a wakeboard or a surfboard and a kite is used to pull the athlete over the water. 

Gone were the days when kitesurfing was considered as an extreme sport nowadays Kitesurfing is more common in women and children. They are learning this sport with great enthusiasm, also the reason that they feel safe while performing this sport is that the equipment is getting better and much safer. 

Playa Del Carmen is the place right in the middle of Riviera Maya, that ghastly flows from south of Cancun to Tulum and the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve. This river is also known as the Mayan Riviera and is the spot of tourist attraction. The major attractions are the coastal and reef aquatic activities that attract many tourists. This beautiful barrier reef system is the second-longest reef barrier in the world. Originally Playa Del Carmen was a small fishing town but recently became world-famous as a perfect vacation destination. There has been a remarkable development in the past few years as many luxury residential buildings, restaurants, entertainment venues and boutiques are built there. 

Various water surf activities such as Jet skiing, scuba diving, swimming in cenotes take place at this destination. 

The major tourist attraction is kitesurfing in playa del carmen destination. The beach of the Sandos Playacar resort which is in Playacar hotel zone is the major Kiteboarding spot in the area and is also the only authorized kite beach and learning school of Playa Del Carmen. It starts from the Sandos Playacar resort and expands towards the south where you will find a mile-long white sandy Kiteboarding beach that is perfectly smooth. The beach doesn’t have rocks or any other obstacles and gives you a lot of space to launch your kites. 

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