Breaking barriers and diving with Great White Sharks

I am currently doing water and extreme activities that are life changing. It seemed to me that swimming with white sharks in Mexico would be the barrier to disappear in my fears. I researched options of places and after planning, I went to Guadalupe Island in October with the sole objective of diving with white sharks. I am completely satisfied with this experience and decision, so I will share you my amazing experience. I made my trip with Naw, an online booking platform of water activities, the ship in which I made my expedition, the Solmar V, is a first class boat, in which I always felt safe and is special for diving and expeditions. It has adapted and stable cages, so I entered and left them extremely easy and fast in all my dives. I felt safe, with the feeling of having protection from any situation.

I flew to San Diego and stayed at a host hotel, the next morning a luxury coach picked us up, which took us to Ensenada where the boat was already waiting for us to begin the journey to Guadalupe Island. The ship, Solmar V, has a capacity for 20 passengers. The expeditions are of 5 days, in which 3 days of them, are completely dedicated to diving with Great White sharks. I can not explain the feeling of being next to this aquatic predator, it is an experience that before entering you feel nervous and a little anxious, the decision is questioned before with immense fear, something similar to sky diving, you panic but then you enjoy it! It is the same and in the water you cannot explain the joy and impact you feel. As I am not a certified diver, I immersed myself in cages no more than 3 meters deep, contrary to my traveling companions, who immersed themselves in deeper cages.

I loved the ship, it has luxury finishes, and an entertainment room where some nights I watched TV. The room has all the comforts: it is private, with air conditioning, private bathroom, and a delicious bed.

Solmar V

The attention and safety in this boat is constantly observed, and it is that the occupancy capacity is limited so everything was very personalized, so much so that on the date I wanted to go initially (August) it was not possible to get space. But it was worth the wait! With the price I paid it is like an all-inclusive hotel, at the beginning I was not sure of everything they offered, but I got every day three meals and all the food was delicious! And what I could not believe is that all the rates would be paid, this package that I acquired was really all included! Well, at the end of the trip I tipped the crew, really deserved it. Of course, while we travel to Guadalupe Island I rested and saved my adrenaline , gain patience and courage to prepare myself for the Great White Shark encounters. It may take about a 22 hours to arrive to the Island, but the next three days you will take your time off and live every second, on your last day you will meditate on your ride back to Ensenada and enjoy with all the passengers and new friends. Diving in cages with white sharks in Guadalupe Island, is undoubtedly one of the best experiences lived and I would like to experience again. Anyone want to jump in with me?

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